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The collective wisdom of Acropolis 2017.Athens.Greece.

The 4th c.B.C. Athens,Greece.
The polis Athens developed and flourished outside the boundaries of the 'sacred Rock'in which the Athenians gave the name Acropolis-akra=upper, polis=city-to differentiate it from the 'asty'.
The 'asty' Athens that was the lower city where lived the Athenians, outside the walled frontiers of Acropolis 'the big-rocked hill of Pallas' according to Aristophanes(c.446 BC Athens-c.386 BC Delphi.Greece) playwright of Athens.
Text/Photography(c)Tzina-Mersina Alimpoutaki-Joustra.
All rights reserved.
The collective wisdom of Acropolis 2017. Athens.Greece. Part One.

                                                  The Acropolis and its monuments.
The 'big-rocked hill of Pallas'-Acropolis-rises to a high of 60-70 m and the flat surface measures about 300 m on the East-West axis and 150 m on the North-South axis' as the archaeologist and former director of the Acropolis wrote, Dr.G.Papathanassopoulos. 
Of the four slopes, three…