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Berichten uit mei 19, 2017 weergeven

Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.Seth Price: Social Synthetic.2017.

(Part One).
For ideological reasons as the saying goes' the exception confirm always the rule', the first artistic exceptions are already appear and at all not surprised at the art.
They appeared not to show what will be follow or what is going to happen after our social renewal but to prove and welcome for one more time in generally Heraclitous(c.535 BC) doctrine ' Τα παντα ρει'-Greek-'Everything is flowing '- or his 'No man ever steps in the same river twice', Ionian school of Philosophy or Xenophanes of Colophon (c.570-c.475 BC)epistemology and critical rationalism which is still influential today and others philosopher's of the ideological world.
The artistic exceptions are the confirmation of the rule that artistic renewal is being impossible without social renewal in the socialist sense to get information about the new world around us which is always changing..
A social renewal of interest,way of communication,observation, mislead,imagination,coun…