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Berichten uit april 11, 2017 weergeven

'Good Hope' at Rijksmuseum Amsterdam and South's Africa-Dutch history.

'People..Luck's children, race of the water and mud constituting of fiery atoms,infinity small, round, smooth and exceptional nimble to move quickly and easily..' as it define in Democritus materialism theory resemble South's Africa people.
'People..Luck's children, race of water and mud' who according to Democritus-Abdera-Greece-460 BC- definition 'struggle to conquer their reputation,dignity and their human destination in the universe..'.
              The 'Good Hope' South Africa and The Netherlands from 1600' exhibition at 
                                  The Rijksmuseum  Amsterdam until 21 May 2017
illustrates exactly 400 years of South's Africa people history who tried to find out their human destination and their connections with The Netherlands.
(Text/Photography(c)Tzina-Mersina Alimpoutaki-Joustra.
All rights reserved).

                                   Rembrandt,The Young Rembrandt 
                                    as Democ…