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Berichten uit februari 16, 2017 weergeven

Jacob's Africa Digital Portrait at Rijksmuseum Amsterdam.

Text(c) Mersina Alimpoutaki-Joustra.
(All rights reserved.)
Searcher, meteorologist, investigator, geographer, explorer, soldier, artist, cartographer, naturalist and royal observer on positive manner who made drawings in close analogy between human's organism and nature in total.
Robert Jacob Gordon(1743 Doesburg,Gelderland-1795 Cape Town) he was not unconscious of his observations, discoveries and especially about the typical nature's attribute which behave with intelligence but without conscience as for example its behaviour with heeling of wounds,soldering of the bones and in generally phenomena of an favorable reaction of organism against diseases and nature's automatic influence without any technical os scientific intervention. Is this way Gordon's drawings of men, women and animals are so healthy in a so 'wild' surrounding?   
Portrait of Colonel Robert Jacob Gordon(1743-1795) in the uniform of the garrison at the Cape.