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Berichten uit januari 26, 2017 weergeven

A narration from Romanovs &Revolution in Hermitage Museum Amsterdam.The Netherlands.

A narration from 'Romanovs &Revolution in Russia'in Hermitage Museum Amsterdam.  The exhibition ' End of the monarchy' depicts more than 250 objects(movies,pictures,paintings) of the Russish history at the beginning of the 20th century to narrate us.
                                'Romanovs &Revolution in Russia'
                                                      from 7 Feb to 17 Sep. 2017.
                                                  Portrait of Tsar Nicolas II,1895.
Oil on canvas.
                                           (c)State Hermitage Museum,St.Petersburg.

 A century after the outbreak of the Russian Revolution the exhibition will show St Petersburg and its artistic surrounding, Tsar Nicholas II and his wife Alexandra, and  the explosive political and social circumstances of their reign.
                                                  Vladimir Lenin.
                                               Lithography on paper.