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Berichten uit januari 24, 2017 weergeven

'Camera in love' The Stedelijk museum Amsterdam.The Netherlands.

Ed van Der Elsken(1925-1990)and his multidisciplinary experience as photographer, book-and filmmaker, celebrates The Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam an honorarium to his unutterable qualifications with the largest overview worldwide in 15 years multidisciplinary and with probing storylines. Master of street photography Ed van Elsken who was born in Amsterdam and after his preliminary studies went to Paris from 1950-1954 achieving his aims in a survey show(1953) Post European Photography, ' The family of Man'and his roman - a chef photo-novel- 'Love on the left bank'(1956). 'Camera in Love'-Ed van Elsken in The Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.The Netherlands.  From 4 Feb. to 21 May 2017. 'Love on the Left Bank' that was a photographic novel about a group of young bohemians leading a life without direction and plan in post-war Paris structured of cinematic way in which the photo's were connected like of film's part showed also Elsken's talent in film's …