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Berichten uit januari 14, 2017 weergeven

'Bruegel.Unseen Masterpieces'.. at Fine Arts of Belgium Museum in Brussels.

With a honourable 'digital exhibition' celebrates The Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium  the 450th anniversary of Bruegel's death  (born Breda 1525-1530 - + Brussels 1569), who's painted the most complete landscape and scenes of peasant life of his time.
'Bruegel.Unseen Masterpieces..and When the art meet the technology'exhibition analysing also the structure of a Digital experience until 16.03.2020. The Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium would like to thank the Google Cultural Institute for their partnership in the development of this extraordinary project.  Pieter Bruegel the Elder.(1525-1530)(+Brussels 1569). Title:The Tower of Babel.Art Historic Museum.Vienna. Google Art Project. Pieter Bruegel.Title:Dutch proverbs.1559. Oil on canvas. City Museum in Berlin. Google Art Project. Pieter Bruegel.Title:Dulle Griet.1562. Oil on canvas. Museum Mayer van den Bergh.Antwerp.Belgium.    The Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium in Brussels.

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