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Berichten uit maart, 2017 weergeven

Baker McKenzie's 'modern Times' Photo acquisitions at Rijksmuseum Amsterdam.

Part One.
(Part Two)

Human activity, human correspondence or inhuman and cruel disdain, refusal and apathy, the reality that is raw from complications, adventures,possibilities or opportunities that the one create for the other or for himself-endless possibilities- with the aim of finding the truth of a more human world where everyone can be stronger and available to 'taste' the life in its entirely and fully mean..
That is 'The photography in the Modern Times'.
Violent passions, complete indifference and all these that characterise not only the undisciplined representation of the human life but the most simple and authentic lines which multiply  in front of the righteous camera joined the union, repulse or attack, associate and amalgamate, divided against itself or multiplied truly copies of emotion,pain, passions, hostility and erotomania from the human race.
                                   Baker McKenzie's 'Modern Times'…