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Berichten uit november 21, 2016 weergeven

Nature's laws..but technology can give them back Van Gogh's,Rembrandt's colours at the Rijksmuseum's Amsterdam Symposiums.

To arrive an artist at an artificially creation need to calculate with any deagree of precision a lot of details to release stringly the need-to-know basis,because he is not working and is not making art with his hand, eye and material but with his mind.
(Polyclitos 5th century.BCE).
 'Nature environment' as he called also artist's hand, eyes and material, is for the artist 'technical obstacles' that put him against the nature in battle try and use the power of his mind and thoughts in combination with respect to nature.
Vincent Van Gogh's and Rembrandt's creations are the result of their courage, strengh and respect to the nature. 
But the only is that nature is always following its rulles,regulations and laws.
'Nature environment' (hand-eye-material) third part material- colour,ink,stone,wood,metal etc- or 'Technical obstacles' which are following their nature's instructions, give may be the answer to the chemists, computer scientists, cons…