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Berichten uit september 8, 2016 weergeven

Kimono's colourful tales-Okura Collection-at The Rijksmuseum Amsterdam.

Seven 'No' theatre kimonos that are narrated a complete transformation in 'No' through the centuries present at The Rijksmuseum exhibition from 21 October to 13 December 2016.
In colloboration with Hotel Okura and Amsterdam City Council the Rijksmuseum's exhibition is being staged to mark the forty-fifth anniversary of Hotel Okura Amsterdam in The Netherlands.
Nuihaku with moonflower and brushwood, Japan-1700-1800-,collection Okura Museum of Art.
(Text/photography(c)Tzina-Mersina Alimpoutaki-Joustra.
No copyright infringement intended.
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  Okura Museum of Art opened in 1917  was the first private Museum in Japan.
(source Wikimedia Commons)
               The seven kimonos from the Okura Collection which are on display at 
                         The Rijksmuseum Amsterdam. The Netherlands
provide a representative overview of 'No' theatre costumes and especially emphasize a nuihaku, eighteenthcentury kimono with moonflower …