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Catherine the Greatest: The story of the first feminist in art and glory..

Strict and beautiful. Fiercely ambitious hunting of  life's enjoyment and happiness. Capable and realistic the German minor princess became a Russian empress who was the most renowned and the longest- ruling( from 1762 till her death in 1796 ) female leader of the country transformed Russia one of the great powers of Europe.
Catherine the Greatest -Self-polished Diamond of the Hermitage- at The Hermitage Amsterdam relates the story of the first feminist through art and glory from 18 Jun until 15 January 2017.
( Text/Photography (c)Tzina-Mersina Alimpoutaki-Joustra.
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              Portrait of Grand Duchess Catherine- 1745- 46). Artist: Georg Christoph                                                                   Grooth(1716-49).
He produced a lot of portraits of the Empress Elizabeth but also of the heir to the throne, Grand Duke Peter- Peter III later- and his wife Grand Duchess Catherine.
Catherine the Great …