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Berichten uit mei 18, 2016 weergeven

Van Gogh myth: Art and illness enquiry at The Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam.

Under the title ' The Verge of Insanity' The Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam reveals art and illness of the ' Van Gogh myth'  which is the inhoud of  its exhibition-investigation and discloses for the first time the truth about Van Gogh's various symptoms described  in his letters, documents, analytics  and especially through the conclusions of simultaneous (2016) experts.
'On the Verge of Insanity. Van Gogh and his illness ( 15 July - 25 September 2016)will be exhibiting 25 paintings and drawings from the final year-1890- in which about the half of these remain to be the narration of his battle with an illness.

Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam. The Netherlands.

The Van Gogh Museum which describes the exhibition as a main point for answers on the questions related to Van Gogh's illness especially how he himself coped with it, how others responded, how his mental state influenced his work and what he wrote about it in his letters accentuates also that' the severed ear a…