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Berichten uit april 22, 2016 weergeven

Rijks Museum inspired by Arita Porcelain.

...and contemporary art in porcelain entrusted this inspiration in the presentation Arita Porcelain Today ( 22 April to 9 October 2016).
Artistic innovations by tradition of historical trade links between Japan and The Netherlands based on modern aesthetic grounds is the creation of  the collection Arita porcelain Today and a cause of celebration the 400th anniversary of  it.
Creators Dutch design duo Scholten &Baijings and Japanese designer Teruhito Yanagihara  combined with an elite group of designers and porcelain companies.
                                              ( Part one.)
(Text/photography(c) Tzina- Mersina Alimpoutaki-Joustra.
No copyright infringement intended. Content belongs to this rightful owners).

Sixteen designers in total from Europa, America and Japan worked together with ten porcelain companies to create modern developing of collections 2016 something which happend for the first time in four hundred years and that is exactly the meaning of  Rijks Museum presen…