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Berichten uit januari 7, 2016 weergeven

Johan Cruijff in Amsterdam Museum.

                      Johan Cruijff-1947-2016 belong from yesterday to the story of Amsterdam, Holland and all the world.

The discovery of the story of Amsterdam in executive summary gives the important facts of the city through artworks and a all the relevant information..
Close to the main monumental building of the Amsterdam Museum the brunch building displays the story of Amsterdam city in summary..
Photography (c) Tzina-Mersina Alimpoutaki-Joustra.
                                    The story of Amsterdam at The Amsterdam Museum.
A Gigantic attraction.
 David and Goliath with his Shield bearer c.1648-50. Artist: Albert Jansz Vinskenbrinck(1604-1664),design.
David and Goliath with his Shield - bearer is composed of three figures from the biblical story of the shepherd boy David who defeated the giant Goliath.
The wooden sculptures were made for the Old Maze garden that was located in the street Princengracht famous for its sculptures, fountains, gardens and a labyrinth. Some of  the fi…