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Frans' Post 34 unknown drawings at The Rijksmuseum Amsterdam. The Netherlands.

Spectacular discovery of 17th century Golden Age the drawings by Frans Post(1612-1680) which are on display at The Rijksmuseum Amsterdam from 7 October 2016 to 8 January.
Under the title 'Frans Post.Animals in Brazil' the exhibition present 34 unrecognized for centuries artworks by Frans Post from Haarlem-The Netherlands-which were discovered in the Noord-Holland Archief, Haarlem,created by Frans Post in the years 1637-1644 when he worked in Brazil.
The first European artist who painted landscapes and therefore of South Africa but as we know now also animals in Brazil, Frans Post contemporary of Frans Hall traveled in 1636 to Dutch Brazil at the invitation of Johan Maurits van Nassau-Siegen.
  Slingeraap.Frans Post.(1612-1680).
 Portrait of Frans Post by Frans Hals.
     Artist.Frans Post.Olinda Brazil.Rijksmuseum Amsterdam.

Famous of the paintings of Brazil landscapes which he created after his return to The Netherlands Frans Post was absolutely unknown in relevence to the nati…

Van Gogh prove extremely creativity is probably connected with Bipolar disorder.

Was Vincent Van Gogh a 'mad genius' as a powerful myth has been insisted for centuries? 
A false idea'mad genius' that many people believe is tru started to fail through the advance of modern science.
The medical and art-historical Symposium(14-15 Sept 2016)organised by the Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam to accompany its summer exhibition' On the Verge of Insanity:Van Gogh and his Illness' was explored the questions:
 ' From what illness was he suffering?'.
 'Contributes the scientific findings to explain the origins of Vincent's Van Gogh Art'? 
 'Strenghtened Van Gogh's potition in our knowledge of his art'? 
 'Exists a relationship between madness and creativity' or not?
(Text/photography(c)Tzina-Mersina Alimpoutaki-Joustra.Part one.
Part two. Art-historical session
No copyright infringment intended.Content belongs to this rightful owners.)
Van Gogh's Museum Amsterdam Symposium -15th Sept. 201…