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Berichten uit april, 2016 weergeven

Rijks Museum inspired by Arita Porcelain.

...and contemporary art in porcelain entrusted this inspiration in the presentation Arita Porcelain Today ( 22 April to 9 October 2016).
Artistic innovations by tradition of historical trade links between Japan and The Netherlands based on modern aesthetic grounds is the creation of  the collection Arita porcelain Today and a cause of celebration the 400th anniversary of  it.
Creators Dutch design duo Scholten &Baijings and Japanese designer Teruhito Yanagihara  combined with an elite group of designers and porcelain companies.
                                              ( Part one.)
(Text/photography(c) Tzina- Mersina Alimpoutaki-Joustra.
No copyright infringement intended. Content belongs to this rightful owners).

Sixteen designers in total from Europa, America and Japan worked together with ten porcelain companies to create modern developing of collections 2016 something which happend for the first time in four hundred years and that is exactly the meaning of  Rijks Museum presen…

Siegelaub illuminate the art's philosophy in Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.

Seth Siegelaub (1941 New York -2013 Basel Switzerland) ' the father of conceptual art' as the curator of the exhibition in Stedelijk Museum Leontine Coelewij introduces him was the first organizer of an exhibition specialized in dealing with conceptual art and his innovative creations during his life is to be seen at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam till 17th April.
(Text /photography (c)Mersina Tzina Alimpoutaki- Joustra.
No copyright infringement intended. Content belongs to its rightful owners).
Siegelaub's  ethnographic headdresses collection from 2002 during the time he was living in Amsterdam.Headdresses from materials like wood, sells, feathers, goat hair and special textiles and were acquired at auctions from dealers, originated from Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Oceania( including Papua New Guinea)

'The artist's reserved rights transfer and sale agreement' by Seth Siegelaub.
The agreement was conceptualized and available to the public in 1971.  
Independent cu…