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Berichten uit februari, 2016 weergeven

Marc Chagall's Calvary in The Nieuwe Kerk in Amsterdam

Marc Chagall's masterpiece 'Calvery',1912 is a depiction of his super reality, alogical, and  irrational imagination as Guillaume Apollinaire refer to him as a ' surrealist' and as Andre Breton call also him the 'Pope of Surrealism'.
                       Marc Chagall's Calvary from 20 February to 10 April 2016.
Text/photography (c) Tzina Mersina Alimpoutaki-Joustra.
All rights reserved).
 Marc Chagall (1887-1985).
 Calvary, Paris,1912. Oil on canvas, 174.6x192.4 cm.
The Museum of Modern Art, New York.Acquired through the Lillie P. Bliss Bequest, 1949. (c) 2016. Digital image. The Museum of Modern Art, New York/Scala, Florence.
(c) C/o Pictoright Amsterdam 2016. Chagall (R) is a registered trademark, owned buy the comite Marc Chagall.

Paul Mosterd, deputy Director of The New Church during the opening of  the presentation of  Marc Chagall's masterpiece Calvary.

Gijs van Tuyl, curator of the exhibition Marc Chagall's masterpiece Calvary during the press…

The world of Spanish masters from the Hermitage Amsterdam

Highlighted muscles, contorted bodies, colours and expressions of amazement or apathy during the Spanish Golden Age depicted by Spanish masters at The Hermitage Museum in Amsterdam.
Velazquez 1599-1660. El Greco 1541-1614. Zurbaran 1598-1664. Pepeda 1611-1678. Ribera 1591-1652. Moya 1610-1674. Giordano 1634-1705. Murillo 1617-1682. Iriarte 1621- 1670. Villegas 1844-1921. Zuloaga 1870-1945.Picasso 1881-1973. Goya 1746-1828.
( 28 Nov-29 May 2016).
(Text/photography Tzina-Mersina Alimpoutaki-Joustra.
All rights reserved).

Main characterized elements of Spanish art that emphasize the intense contracts between light and dark underline Spanish pride and idiosyncrasy special during the Golden Age period of the king, the church and the plutocracy which were the most important sponsors of arts.
As the experts of the Hermitage Amsterdam describe ' ...the exhibition presents a historical survey of outstanding masterpieces which is starting with the Spanish golden age represented by illustriou…