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Salmchateau Village de Victor Hugo.

 Salmchateau in the province Luxemburg in Belgium Victor's Hugo footsteps show -and-tell the story of  Salmchateau's village  natural beauty through that the  great Fransh writer was deeply attached.  'Salmchateau Village de Victor Hugo'. (Text/photography(c) Tzina-Mersina Alimpoutaki-Joustra.)
Victor Hugo. 1802-1885. One of the greatest and best known Frensh writers allover the world.

Victor's Hugo first historic visit to Salmchateau took place in 1860. The famous writer of the social contract as it's also entitled 'Le Miserables'  who had finished and published around two years later he could not be really pacified far away of that place for along time..  The old Madeleine Bridge as was in the past when Hugo's footsteps.. were walking around there.. Photo(c) Luxemburg belge. The small square exactly behind to ' Salmchateau Village de Victor Hugo' building..

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