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Berichten uit september 21, 2015 weergeven

Rome the dream of the emperor Amsterdam.

The great emperor Constantin is coming to Amsterdam's centre from Rome...
The exhibition Rome ' The dream of emperor Constantine' in The Nieuwe Kerk- New Church-. in Amsterdam will be open from  3 October 2015 until 7 February 2016. 
The sculpture of Constantine made by Italian marble is three meters high and weight around five thousand kilos took already its place in The New Church from 15 September.  
The Nieuwe Kerk- New Church - in Damplein in Amsterdam.
  Rome CapitoleStatue Constantin by I, Jean - Christophe Benois

   Romance artwork.
Bronze head of Constantine the Great part of  a colossal statue (4th century ).
Musei Capitolini Rome.(Jean Pol Grandpol)

Head of Constantine the great from a seated statue in Metropolitan Museum of Art.'  MMA bust 02 ' by katie chao and ben muessing.