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Solon: Seisachtheia reforms by debt relief.

Athens 6th century BC.
Seisachtheia was a set of laws instituted by the Athenian lawmaker Solon ( 638 BC-558 BC ).
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Seisachtheia (Greek: σεισάχθεια, from σείειν seiein, to shake, and ἄχθος achthos, burden, i.e. the relief of burdens) was a set of laws instituted by the Athenian lawmaker Solon(c. 638 BC–558 BC) in order to rectify the widespread serfdom and slavery that had run rampant in Athens by the 6th century BC, by debt relief.
                      Bas-relief of Solon from the chamber of the U.S House of Representatives.  
Debt in Athenian society.
Under the pre-existing legal status, according to the account of theConstitution of the Atheniansattributed to Aristotle, debtors unable to repay their creditors would surrender their land to them, then becominghektemoroi, i.e.serfswho cultivated what used to be their own land and gave one sixth of produce to their creditors.
Should the debt exceed the perceived value of debtor's total assets, then the debtor an…