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Berichten uit juni 18, 2014 weergeven

Prison Gate Museum in The Hague with seven centuries Dutch history.

Main gate of the 'Binnenhof' which was the count's castle in 13th century and with only some changes for about two centuries ( 16th-17th centuries)  the Prison Gate Museum dwell on it's past and history as a prison with dark and cold cells for people who had committed crimes...

(Text/photography (c) Tzina-Mersina Alimpoutaki-Joustra)

'The Gevengenpoort'- Haags Historish Museum- that in Dutch means prison Gate was in the past the main gate to the Court but later on became the prison where suspects of different crimes awaited the trial and way of punishing according to the law. Their cells were dark and cold and sometimes could be fifteen persons together in a cell even if some of them had committed minor crimes than the others.
' In simple cases like drunkenness, brawling or theft', said Ms Deirdre Schoemaker- responsible for   communication and marketing of Prison Gate Museum, it could take place soon after imprisonment and sometimes even after a week.…