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Berichten uit april 17, 2014 weergeven

Seven deadly sins... in ' Vrije Universiteit ' in Amsterdam

Text/ Photography by Tzina-Mersina Alimpoutaki-Joustra.
(All rights reserved).
      'De Hoogmoed'. One of the seven sculptures by the well-known Dutch artist Peer Veneman.

Peer Veneman (1952. The Netherlands) gave sculptural forms to very great anger, envy, strong desire for success and power, pride, greed for money more than the human being really need and bad habits of drinking and eating too much through his creation the Seven cardinal Sins in 1999.
The 'Vrije Universiteit'- Free University- in Amsterdam exhibit his sarcastic art with its timeless theme and gives a significant humanistic view to seven deadly sins in it's Exposorium (20.04.2014- 21.05-2014).

 Full of pride and desires for great power and ability to control people and special believers the one of the seven Veneman's cardinal sins appearing to be...
 enthusiasm for the opportunity to show its glory in Exposorium-Exhibition.
Part of the Seven sculptures the bronze sculpture 'De Hoogmoed&qu…