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Berichten uit januari 6, 2014 weergeven

Children are painting the 400th anniversary of the Amsterdam's canals..

The 400-metre long painting is an artistic project by 1500 children from Amsterdam, titled "De Langste Gracht"- ( The longest canal) and is located in the inside yard of the Amsterdam Museum. ( Text- photography by Tzina-Mersina Alimpoutaki-Joustra All rights reserved).    
                              The Amsterdam Museum and 'The longest canal' children's art.

The young artists who aged from six and up painted 'The longest canal' that will be depicted in the Amsterdam Museum until 12 January created not only what they imagine about Amsterdam's canals but also different locations of the city during their trip by canals boats.   "The longest canal" project was for the children a stepping stone to the portrayal stories about the the past and the present of the city. Historians and artists gave them 'lessons' about Amsterdam's canals which began to built in 1683 and educative cultural information about the architecture during these…