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Berichten uit oktober, 2014 weergeven

El Greco's- Domenikos Theotokopoulos- artistic visions for human rights Utrecht. The Netherlands.

                                                   From darkness to light...
   The symbols and philosophies of Platonism and ancient Neo-Platonism, Plotinus and Dionysius Aeropagite are repeated in the film- biography ' El Greco' by Iannis Smaragdis.
The master Domenicos Theotokopoulos...on this issue came also to the light through the darkness. 
The English art historian David Davies who gave a serious attention to elements as Platonism and Neo- Platonism in connection to  El Greco's art asserted also that'... his Greek- Christian education and the Orthodox Church together with the religious climate of the Counter-Reformation and the aesthetics of mannerism acted as catalysts to activate his individual technique...'
Curator at the Museo del Prado,Madrid Jose Alvarez Lopera  concludes also that ' the presence of ' Byzantine memories is obvious in El Greco's fully grown and developed artistic behaving..  '
The exposition El Greco & Pintura Moderna …