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Berichten uit februari, 2014 weergeven

Amsterdam's sophisticated fashion February 2014

Photography (c) Tzina-Mersina Alimpoutaki-Joustra.

Marcel Wanders the 'story-teller' designer at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam

Marcel Wanders( 1963. Boxtel. The Netherlands) one of the most significant designers provided in Amsterdam in the exhibition:
                  " Marcel Wanders Pinned Up at the Stedelijk Museum. 25 years of design."

Text/Photography (c) Tzina-Mersina Alimpoutaki-Joustra.
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Marcel Wanders's "Knotted Chair" which the Stedelijk Museum was one of the first art and design institutions to acquire the specific artworks for its collection.
As the curator by the Stedelijk Museum Mr Ingeborg de Roode- who was curated the exhibition- said:
After 25 years as a designer, and at the zenith of his career, now is the time to analyze his work in a museum context.
Wanders is one of the most important designers of recent decades. One of the exhibition's prime objectives it to explain what he does: to reveal the underlying vision, reflecting on its depth and meaning..."
This is preciously true.
Marcel Wanders is not only an artist designer. He is …