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Berichten uit oktober 30, 2013 weergeven

Collections Costakis and Khardzhier... became Malovich's and Russian's avant-garden .. representative body in Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.

"We wish to build the world up
according to a subjectless system ,
departing further and further
from the object,
like the cosmo's creation of nature."
K. Malovich, Letter to the Dutch Artists 1922

( Tekst/Photography by Mersina- Tzina Alimpoutaki-Joustra.
   All rights reserved).       
                                        Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam in Museumplein( Museum Square ) in Amsterdam exhibited 'Kazimir Malevich and the Russian avant-garde from October 19, 2013 till 2 February 2014.

                                            Museumplein- museum square in Amsterdam depicted the Russian avant-garde art that in the years surrounding the Russian revolution was the movement in which- for the first time throughout the world- Russian artists produced the first non-figurative art.
  Born in Moscow (1913-1990) from Greek parents, worked first as driver for the Greek Embassy and later on as Head of Personnel for the Canadian Embassy  the art collector George …