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Berichten uit oktober 17, 2013 weergeven

The centre of Amsterdam... has been 'occupied' by the Empire of the Great Ming.

In the Nieuwe Kerk of Amsterdam's centre Ming Emperors who was ruled ancient China for 276 years  ( 1368-1644 ), merchants and artists from the same period presented their power, orderly government, stability, history and art from 5 October 2013 until  2 february 2014. (Text/Photography by Tzina-Mersina Alimpoutaki-Joustra. All rights reserved.) The Nieuwe Kerk ( New Church) in 'Damplein' in Amsterdam.

The Empire of the Great Ming that was increased and reestablished the power of the ruling Chinese house had the name Ming which means brilliant because of its great expansion in economy, art and culture.
The exhibition introduces that amazing world of wealthy, luxury and power through a selection of the finest masterpieces from one of the biggest museum in China the Nanjing Museum.
Painting by the Chinese Ming Dynasty artist Chen Hongshou (1958-1652), late Ming Dynasty. (Wikipedia.) Ming Dynasty 1467. Artist: Chen Zhou. Title: Lofty Mount Lu. Current location: National Pala…