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Berichten uit september 20, 2013 weergeven

Leopold's Palace of Justice and its neighbourhood in Brussels.

The ' Merollen' neightbourhood at the Leopold's Palace of Justice location in 2013 is being a model of a modern area. During the years of the building of Leopold's Pace ' - 1861-1866- Merollen' was demolished
and a lot of inhabitants forced to abandon their houses. Many of them forced to move from their houses by the Belgian Government because the palace according to its design needed  floor area 26.000 square meters.
     Text/photography by Tzina Mersina Alimpoutaki-Joustra.
( All the rights reserved.)

The renovation of the Leopold's Palace of Justice which is situated on the Galgenberg hill. It was built from 1861 until 1866 and has 8 courtyards, 27 big court rooms, 245 smaller court rooms and his level difference between the lower and the upper town is 20 meters.
The Galgenberg hill was chosen because of its highest level of the city.This location is in the immediate vicinity of the Marolles and rue aux Laines. To cover the difference in level the buil…