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Berichten uit juni 6, 2013 weergeven

Zinneke expo/project of contemporary art in Brussels, Belgium.

Zinneke expo ' Tentation-Bekoring' in Brussels ( till 9 June ).
(Text-photography by Tzina-Mersina Alimpoutaki-Joustra.
 All rights reserved).
It's beter to say that itn´t an exhibition formed in a classic way but a number of artistic projects that developed based on inspirations, ideas and artworks by about 21 artists.
Subjects, tools, lights or boards in different places and streets around the centre station of Brussels are tried to find out people's reactions in the streets and the open spaces.
How? The answer is simple. The Zinneke expo through cameras at every installation, performance or artworks recieve pictures from people's reactions at its main container that is located infront of the centre station.
                               A special performance (for 'Life with style' ) by Zinneke expo's artist
                                                              at the Centre Station.