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Berichten uit mei 8, 2013 weergeven

´According to a given mean´Antony Gormley´s sculptures in Brussels..

Text and photography Antony Gormley´s sculptures by Artzuid Internationale Amsterdam Route 2011 by Tzina- Mersina Alimpoutaki-Joustra.

He looks like that he is still inspired by the theory devised to Scottish physicist Lord Kelvin.
Antony Gormley´s ( Antony Gormley 1950 )figures made by the British artist from his favourite iron material exhibited in Brussels.
In Xavier Hufkens gallery in Brussels where the new series with the title ' According to a given mean' were shown from 28 March to 4 May 2013 explored again his best liked subject.
The relationship between the human bodies and their surraunding.

Exhibition Antony Gormley in the gallery Xavier Hufkens in Brussels under the title ' According to a given mean '.
                                   Antony Gormley. Photo copyright by antonygormleystudio.
                       Exhibition Antony Gormley 2013 in Gallery Xavier Hufkens in Brussels.
                 Exposure of Antony Gormley in Lelystad. Attribution Herma…