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Berichten uit oktober 30, 2012 weergeven

The "My dream exhibition" of Van Gogh at the Beurs Van Berlage in Amsterdam.

Photography of  the Beurs Van Berlagen ( Stock Exchange) in Amsterdam by Tzina Alimpoutaki-Joustra.
(All rights reserved.)
" Vincent Van Gogh: My dream exhibition " until 19 May 2013 depicts from the first time in the art history paintings by Van Gogh which are digitally restored and so given back their original colors and the actually expressions of the great artist.
At the Damrak in the centre of Amsterdam the Beurs Van Berlagen which was designed as a commodity exchange( 1896-1903) by the famous architect Hendrik Berlage shows the major part of Van Gogh's works  on really size and ordered in the fact of making through its creator.
Due to innovative techniques as stereoscopie and in combination with 3D animations Van Gogh's art is being expressed the actual appearance of the paintings at the time of their creation.

                                       Vincent Willem Van Gogh. Bridge of Vanglois. 1888

                                           Vincent Willem Van…