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Berichten uit september 12, 2012 weergeven

The most significant artist of Australia's contemporary art Gordon Bennett at Aboriginal Museum in Utrecht,The Netherlands.

Photography ( AAMU & the city of  Utrecht) by Tzina Alimpoutaki-Joustra.

The Exhibition  " Outsider/ Insider "  by the well known artist Gordon Bennett ( 1955 )  is the first solo presentation of his artworks in a European museum since 2000.
It will be presented in Utrecht's AAMU-Museum of contemporary Aboriginal Art Utrecht- until December 2012.
Gordon Bennett. Notes to Basquiat. Green Ochre. 2000.Collection of the artist. Brisbane.

                  The Museum of contemporary Aboriginal Art in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

                            The AAMU in Utrecht is established at Oudegracht (old channel ) street.
                 Gordon Bennett. Artwork " The coming of the light." 2001. Collection of the artist.

Gordon Bennett. Home decor.Preston+the style= Citizen. Dance the Bougieman Blues. 1997. Private collection. Melbourne. ( Inspiration from Mondrian).

Gordon Bennett is regarded as one of the most important contemporary artists of Australia'…