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Les Miserables in London(25 years)... are still running

" Forever young"...Valjean and his daughter Cosette have been for 25 years at Queens Theatre in London a roaring success..
The musical which opened at the Barbicant Centre in London on October 1985, it's the longest-running musical in the world after "The Fantasticks" and the second longest-running West End theatre play after the Musetrap.
Les Miserables(musical) novel by Victor Hugo was played in January 2010 its ten thousandth performance in London and on Octoberer 2010 celebrated its 25th anniversary.

Texts/ Photography Tzina Alimpoutaki-Joustra.

                                                          Queens Theatre in London.

The musical's emblem, the waife Cosette illustrated by Emile Bayard. It was appeared  in the novel's original edition ( 1862 ).
Queen's...The West End's Theatre( 1907), designed by WGR Sprague at Shaftesbury Avenieu in the city of the Westminster.London.
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