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Berichten uit augustus, 2012 weergeven

Antony Gormley's "Tree for waiting the Godot' at Cas tle Coole, Enniskillen. Irland

The "Godot Tree" by the famous artist Antony Gormley as part of the Happy Days Festival 2012, presented in the Grand Yard at the Castle Coole till 13 September 2012.

(Photography of Antony Gormley's artwork at ArtZuid Amsterdam
 by Tzina Alimpoutaki-Joustra)

The well known throughout the world British artist Antony Gormley has been chosen to invent "The Godot Tree " ( World Premiere) as part of the Happy Days Festival 2012.
                                                 The British artist Antony Gormley was born in London in 1950.

Happy Days is the world's first annual festival which organized to reward the work of Nobel prize-winning writer Samuel Beckett. It includes concerts, theater and some of the best artists of the world. The international multi-arts festival in Enniskillen - Irland's sole island town- contains castles, a grand house, a cathedral and churches.
"The Tree for waiting for Godot has been made of 37 separate square stainless s…

A summer weekend City Trip to Utrecht. The Netherlands

Utrecht at the end of August 2012 only with pictures and words when it is absolutely necessary.

Photography by Tzina Alimpoutaki-Joustra.

                                                     Street Art  " Lof  Der Keramiek".

Agistri Island.Greece: Beauty and simplicity.

Support Greece and the Greek Tourism.
Photographer: Tzina Alimpoutaki-Joustra.