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Berichten uit februari, 2012 weergeven

"Religion Now" at Exposorium Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Religie Nu, Spiritualiteit in Nederland.
Photo's van Eddie Seesing.
Exposorium Vrije Universiteit 23 februari tot 18 april 2012.
Curator Exposorium Hendriekje Bosma.
                                              Hinduism. Arya Samaadj. Pandit Kiertia. Rotterdam.

Religie NU verbindt de identiteit van de VU met de diversiteit van het huidige spirituele leven in Nederland. Het project Religie NU biedt een spectrum van kerkegenootschappen en spiritualiteit in Nederland, breder en veelzijdiger dan in de eerste helft van 20ste eeuw het geval was.
The exhibition " Religie, NU, Spiritualiteit in Nederland" at VU university in Amsterdan shows religions and different cultures throughout the country.

                                        Vodou, Priesteres Maria Van Daalen, Almere Buiten.

                                  Church of England, Renerend Alastair Mac Donald, Amsterdam.

De Rotterdamse mediakunstenaar Eddy Seesing(1964) maakt op indringende wijze een momentopname van de…

It's almost being spring time ...

Art-Street in Amsterdam. ( Part one)

Amsterdam must be proud of its art street or visual art expressed in the streets and the public spaces. The term includes a lot of kinds artistically expressions.  Sculpture, stencil graffiti, sticker art, street poster art, art intervention, wheat-pasting and even more.

(Wheatpaste is used in the construction of chains of paper rings made from coloured construction paper.It can also be used to create paper -mache. Wheatpaste it has been used since ancient times for various arts and crafts such as book binding, decoupage, collage, etc.)  A wheatpaste poster by artist Morley in Los Angeles.
Street Art in Amsterdam.

Support Greece through Greek Tourism! NOW!

Acropolis Museum, Athens, Greece.

                                              Support Greece through Greek Tourism! NOW!

Pics and the glory of the Middle Ages Muiderslot's Castle...

The Muiderslot's Castel history dates back to the Middle Ages.  It was built by Floris V, Count of Holland and Zeeland, when he was first given responsibility for this area. The castle's grounds are square 32x35 meters, the West Tower is around 25 meters and its walls are over 1,5 meters thick. Texts/Photography by Tzina Alimpoutaki-Joustra. 

After Floris' murder in 1296 at a place close to Muiderberg, the Muiderslot Castle was besieged and destroyed until 1370 when it  rebuilt at its place on the side of the river Vecht and the Ijsselmeer lake former Zuiderzee...Located outside of the small city Muiden the Muiderslot Castle enjoys a very central location along the route which connects Amsterdam with the east provinces of the Netherlands. This was the reason why the council of Amsterdam has been involved with its management at least since the 15th century.

                                                        The garden of the Muiderslot Castle...

During the 18th and 19…