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Travel around the world with talented National Photographes ...from Volkenkunde Museum in Leiden, The Nederlands.

Volkenkunde Museum in Leiden, The Netherlands: De Fotografen: National Geographic Sociaty,1995.

Reis samen met de talentvolle National Geographic fotografen naar de verste uithoeken van de aarde. Lauster naar hun avonturen en achtergrondverhalen'.

Travel around the world with talented National Geographic photographers.
Listen to their avantures and backgrounds stories.

                                            Artist- Photographer: The American photographer Chris Johns(1951).
                                                   Last wilderness....

From Alaska to Africa, the American photographer Chris Johns has taken photographs for National Geographic in the most diverse places. Although his photographs depicting nature are the best known, Johns can strinkingly record people in their own world.
One of his first assignments for the National Geographic, he incorporeted the determination of the British Columbia in Canada.
He says: "...I am now no longer a photographer and am o…