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National Geographics's Leiden, The Nederlands.

Picks worth thousands words..At Volkenkunde Museum in Leiden.-Part three-.
(Part one:
(Part two:

                  The American photographer Michael Nichols(1956), one of the top ten list of the
                   National Geographics's photographers.

                                                       Michael Nichols: Fragile Nature.
He is one of the best in the section Nature-Photo. He is fully commited to the protection of the nature.His involvement is clearly visible in the photograsphs he took duting his long treks through the last undeveloped areas of  Central Africa and his photographs on the difficult situation in which great apes live....

                                           Part of Volkenkunde Museum's garden in Leiden.

Nichols was also known for illuminating the darkest caves. All in all, he has photographed twenty-five reports for National Geographic. His most recen…