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Berichten uit november 25, 2011 weergeven

Leiden City,South Holland:An amazingly enough old city.

A sity trip in Leiden at a dinstance around 20 kilometers from The Hague to its south and 40 kilometers from Amsterdam to its north  in  province South Holland. The Nederlands.

It's really true that Leiden is an old city.
There was a Roman fortress in Leiden in the 4th century and its artificial hill ( it called the Brucht van Leiden) at confluence of the rivers Old and New Rijn it was formed a long time before-a special city.
Leiden is well-known  especially for two cases.
As the place where the Pilgrims lived and operated a printing press in Amsterdam in 17th century before  their departure to Massachussets and New Amsterdam in the New World.
As the city which sided with the Dutch revolt against Spanish rule in 1572  supported in a best way the Eighty Years War.